Signs That It Is Time To Have The Talk About Moving Into An Assisted Living Facility

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Medical advances have made it easy for people to live a better quality of life and longer than before. However, regardless of health status, a time comes in a loved one's life when living alone stops being a good option. That said, it is challenging to tell a senior about separating from their family and moving into an assisted living facility. Despite the resistance, in the end, it will be best for everyone to have the talk and get accustomed to the decision. Here are the top signs that it is time to discuss the inevitable transition.

Has Your Loved One Developed a Chronic Health Problem?

One of the ways to tell that it is time to talk is after a loved one gets diagnosed with a chronic health condition. In most cases, some conditions that need specialized attention include diabetes and its complications, Alzheimer's, and dementia. This is because these conditions worsen as the person advances in age. More so, you might not have the time and other resources to cater to your loved one when they have these illnesses. The good news is that in such cases, an assisted living facility will have nurses and other health practitioners who can help your loved one with constant care for their condition.

Have They Started Becoming Physically Aggressive?

Aggression is a sign that your loved one is feeling frustrated. Often, the frustrations come from an inability to cater to their own needs as they did before. You must note that someone with dementia or Alzheimer's should get immediate care once they start showing signs of physical aggression. More importantly, these symptoms worsen with time, and your loved one could become a danger to themselves and others. On the other hand, trained professionals in assisted living facilities always know how to handle aggression.

Are They Forgetting Self-Care?

It is also great to check on your loved one and ensure they are still in control of their routine. Note that while forgetfulness might seem okay as the person ages, it might indicate that the signs of their chronic illness are worsening. For example, forgetting to take one's medication might seem okay, but it will worsen when your loved one cannot take theirs to manage a serious health condition. If this is the case, it is best to get them into a facility where someone will cater to their needs and routine. This will help them stay healthy and avoid the consequences of missing crucial medical and self-care.

If it's time to make the transition, have a positive dialogue with your older family member about the possibility of a senior assisted living facility. Note that if you approach the talk with the right attitude, you will not deal with much resistance from them.

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