Signs An Elderly Loved One Needs Home Care Services

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It can be hard to face the fact that a loved one may need home care. This is especially true if they were once your caregiver. When someone who once cared for you becomes unable to do so for themselves it can be heart-wrenching and you may enter a state of denial.

However, if you notice that things are getting worse and not better, then there comes a time when you will have to pull yourself out of denial and get them the help they need. If you are wondering if it is truly a reality, take a look at these signs that point to the fact that your loved one needs home care services.


Perhaps one of the biggest red flags that most people pick up on immediately is when an elderly loved one has problems remembering things. They may have issues remembering where they have put their keys or their money. They may forget to pay their bills or even go to their doctor's appointments. They may forget they have medication to take. All of these are signs that your elderly loved one needs home care services.


When someone who previously took pride in their appearance suddenly looks disheveled and unkempt, there is often a problem. If you notice that your loved one has not been taking care of themselves in a way that they normally would, then it might be a sign that they need home care services. Grooming can be difficult when someone is experiencing memory loss or severe pain.

Random Accidents

One of the things that often happens when people need home care services is that they may start having accidents. They may start tripping over things or tumble down the stairs. 

They may start accidentally bouncing into furniture in homes that they have been in for decades. If you notice that your loved one is at a higher risk for a fall simply because they are bumping into things more regularly, it may be time for you to get someone to assist them in their home.

It can be difficult to admit that your loved one is in need of home care services. However, the best thing you can do is to face the reality and try to find the best assistance possible. Make sure that you prepare a list of questions for any candidate that you want to employ so that your loved one can get the best care possible.

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