How Assisted Living Helps People

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When it comes to the point that your parent needs more help than you can provide, but they still want to maintain their independence, assisted living may be a good idea. There are different facilities and complexes, but they all tend to offer many of the same benefits. To learn more about what it would be like for your parent to live in an assisted living location, keep reading.

Help Is Provided to the Extent Needed

When someone enters assisted living, they are assessed in order to determine the different ways they could use assistance. Some people enter assisted living who are still quite independent in many aspects, but they do need help with certain things, like going to the store, preparing some meals, and tending to certain household chores. Then, there are others who need more assistance. The help they need can include things like taking their medications, bathing, getting dressed, grooming, walking, etc. 

There are assisted living associates who will help the residents with all of the things that they need help with. However, the residents are also encouraged to continue taking care of the things that they are able to do on their own so they can maintain their independence to the best extent possible. This should help them to retain some of their independence as long as possible, which is a good thing. 

Things Are Set Up for Independence 

Another good thing about assisted living is things are set up in a way that helps the residents maintain their independence in a safe manner. For example, those who are still able to bathe on their own may have walk-in tubs that allow them to do so without worrying about slipping and getting injured while they are getting in or out of the bath. Those who prefer to shower will have handrails and non-slip shower floors and they may also have shower chairs in case they need to sit to rest while they are in the shower. 

Staff Are Well-Trained

Those who assist residents are properly trained to help them with their specific needs. They are trained to assist them in a respectful manner and to notice and make note of any changes that may require more assistance in certain areas of their lives. This is important to ensure the resident's needs are always properly met in order to offer them a comfortable, healthy, and safe living environment.

For more information on assisted living, contact a local assisted living community.

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