Memory Care For Alzheimer's

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The onset of Alzheimer's can be a frightening reality and knowing that your father's dementia will progressively worsen may not sit well with you. Although you cannot turn back the hands of time, you can do everything in your power to slow down the progression of his memory loss and ensure that he remains comfortable and engaged throughout the rest of his life.

How Does Memory Care Differ From A Standard Facility?

 Many senior residences do not offer specialized care that is necessary for the advanced stages of Alzheimer's. They may, however, allow residents to stay on the premises if they are experiencing initial or mid-level dementia effects. If your dad has been living alone for the last decade or two, your initial instinct may be to move him into your home so that he is looked after on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, this type of living arrangement will likely not coincide with your routine. In addition, you will need to worry about injuries occurring during times that your father attempts to handle his own needs. Memory care includes around the clock monitoring, safety procedures, and navigation aids that will help your loved one find his way back to his room or common areas of an assisted living facility.

An assisted living facility that caters to Alzheimer's patients will keep a close eye on your father's condition, monitor medication dosages and side effects, and will instill a sense of stability and harmony by offering group activities that your father enjoys.

How Can Your Family Be Involved?

Just because your father is facing a serious condition that may prevent him from remembering important details, as time moves on, it is still very important that he receives support from you and his other relatives. Memories can still be made, which will encourage you and your children or siblings to cherish the time that remains. The director of a facility that offers memory care will attempt to involve you and your other family members.

There will be opportunities to meet with your dad's caregivers to discuss his current state and any issues that have been apparent. You and the others will be welcome to visit your dad on a routine basis. Talk to your relatives about your decision to move your loved one into an assisted living facility. Tell them that you would like to orchestrate a visitation schedule, which will allow everyone to maintain a close connection with your father. 

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