Why Your Elderly Loved One Keeps Getting Bed Sores

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Your elderly loved one is cared for at home, but you're considering placing them in a nursing home for better, more constant care. Your loved one is getting bed sores on a regular basis and no matter how hard you try to keep them at bay, they don't go away and actually get worse.

People who work in assisted living and nursing home communities are well-versed in how to care for wounds, including bed sores, that are common in their patients. Since a bed sore is not only painful but can also lead to serious or life-threatening infections, you need to keep bed sores at bay. The best thing to do is consult a doctor about alternative care for your family member outside the home.

A professional caregiver can help your elderly loved one stay happy, healthy, and safe. Here are reasons why your elderly loved one keeps getting bed sores despite your best efforts. Knowing how hard bed sores are to treat can help you decide if assisted living is right for their needs.

Their bodies stay moist

Bed sores are often caused by constant contact between the skin and moisture. If your loved one's sheets are always wet from sweat or bodily fluids and he or she is mainly bedridden, bed sores will become a major concern. Changing bed sheets often will help reduce the occurrence of bed sores. This is a service regularly done in the nursing home setting.

Their bodies don't move

A bed sore won't heal if it's not aired out and if your loved one can't move or has problems getting around unassisted. Unfortunately, without movement, bed sores will continue to worsen. A bedridden person with bed sores is at risk of infection and declining health, so consider hiring a nursing home to care for your family member before their health worsens.

Their bodies aren't treated

Finally, wound care services should always be done by a professional. If you are cleaning your loved one's bed sores on your own, you may not be treating the infection, or you may be simply making the areas that are sore more irritated. Wound care is a serious matter that involves lots of medical supplies, such as ointments and pads, so hire a nursing home specialist to care for your loved one.

Nursing homes and assisted living centers can help you care for your loved one. Bed sores are hard to treat, so don't try to take care of this situation on your own.

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