The Varying Rates Of Home Care Assistance And What Affects The Costs

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Home care assistance services are one of the fastest growing businesses. This is due to the fact that the last of the baby boomers from WWII are entering their seventies and eighties. If your parent is a baby boomer, and you are looking to hire some at-home care help for them, you may be surprised at the wide range of rates. All of the following affects the costs of hiring home care.

The Staff

If you hire a registered nurse,  it will cost you almost three times as much as hiring a nursing assistant. Really, you would get about the same level of care, only registered and licensed nurses can administer medications like insulin and heart medication. If your parents only need help with cooking, cleaning, and/or personal care, then a less expensive nursing assistant is a more affordable option.

The Level of Care Needed

Elderly parents with dementia need extensive, around the clock care. More hours of care needed is always going to make the cost of care higher. However, keeping parents with dementia in familiar surroundings will extend their lives and help them feel more at ease. Additionally, non-ambulatory people who will need to be lifted and moved with a lift are charged more for care because two people have to be present whenever a lift is used. It is a safety issue, and a requirement under most state laws.

Life Support Patients

When and if your parents ever reach a point where they are bedridden, chronically ill, and you want them to pass away peacefully at home on life support, nurses have to be present around the clock. You will also need registered or licensed nurses at that point, since there may be tube feedings, time sensitive medication, and life support machines involved. Everything will require frequent monitoring and qualified staff on the job.

Where You Live

Sometimes the area where your parents reside will affect the cost of services too. Living in rural  Montana, for example, is going to be less expensive than living in upstate New York. If you live where home care assistance costs less, you might want to consider moving your parents closer to you to help reduce the cost of their care. If that is not an option, you could look for and hire a "freelance" nursing assistant if your parents do not need a lot of extra care in their home.

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