Six Things To Do When Exploring Different Assisted Living Facilities To Find A Residence For An Aging Loved One

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One of the most important steps you need to go through when selecting the right assisted living community for an aging parent or loved one is visit assisted living facilities and tour them. This is important because it gives you a look from the inside at everyday operations at the assisted living facilities in question.

There are certain things you're going to need to do to make the most of each visit and find the best possible facility for your loved one. The following are six things that it's important to do when visiting different assisted living facilities:

Pay attention to cleanliness

A very clean facility indicates high quality care and ensures the health of residents. Pay attention to details. Inspect floors and especially bathrooms to make sure that they are hygienic and properly maintained.

Interview staff members

You should talk to as many staff members as you can and ask questions about the locations and the services that are offered.

Make a list of questions to ask staff members before you get started. Staff members who have been working at the facility are a good sign because they indicate low turnover. Also, staff members who are friendly and eager to help are another good sign.

Interview other residents

It's also important to talk to residents and to get a sense of their general satisfaction. As with staff members, residents who have stayed at the facility for a long time are a good sign and indicate general satisfaction. 

Check out a scheduled activity

Scheduled activities at assisted living facilities are often important for keeping residents active and social. You should ask to see the activity schedule and sit in on an activity if possible to see that activities are well organized and popular among residents.

Try the food

If your loved one is going to be a resident at an assisted living facility, he or she is going to be eating most meals there. Checking out the food is important. Good food indicates a well run facility and facility staff that care about the qualify of life of residents. 

Find out what assisted living services are available exactly

Some assisted living facilities offer more care services than others. You know better than anyone what your aging parent or loved one needs in terms of day-to-day care.

Ask about the services offered and make sure your loved one's needs will be met at the facility. 

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