3 Signs That It Is Time For Your Loved One To Go To Assisted Living

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Recognizing Needs Early Have you ever stopped to think about what your relatives really need in a nursing home? I didn't use to worry so much about what my family members needed in their later years, but a few months ago it occurred to me that it was time to make some changes. I started realizing that there were some serious issues with the way that my family was living, so I talked with them about the possibility of finding a nursing home. They were a little nervous about the concept at first, but after I found a great facility they really responded well to treatment. Check out this blog for great tips on recognizing nursing care needs early.




Caring for someone in their elderly years can be hard on both the caretaker and the person receiving the care. This is why it is important that both people know when it is the right time to seek out an assisted living facility. Here are some signs that the caretaker should be looking for to know if it is the right time for a facility.

1. Your Loved One Needs Around-The-Clock Care

One of the first things you should be looking at is how much care your loved one is requiring. For instance, many people do fine with a visit or phone call each day. They are people who are still able to cook their own food, bathe themselves, and even take public transportation if needed, although having someone transport them to and from appointments is helpful. These are people who are not ready for assisted living. If your loved one needs help with the everyday things, so much so that they need a visit each day and for many hours each day, then it is time. If your loved one requires around the clock care, so that people are having to go into the house more than they're not, then you have probably waited too long.

2. Your Loved One Is in Danger Alone

A major concern of many people is the safety of their loved one. Do you worry about them falling when you are not around? Are you concerned about them leaving the stove one? Do they eat food that has spoiled? Or go without food for too long because they are unable to prepare food for themselves? You need the peace of mind of knowing that when you are not there that there is no immediate danger. If you are not sure that they can safely be alone, then you need to look into assisted living.

3. You Are Becoming Resentful Toward Your Loved One

Caring for someone in their old age is incredibly hard. Many people equate it to caring for a young child, but it is quite different. A young child is able to be carried around with you; a young child can go to other peoples house to play and be babysat. And a young child is growing up learning to care for themselves. An elderly person cannot easily leave the house; when you care for them, you may feel trapped and stuck, and as if there is no end. This can cause resentment. If you feel that this is happening to you, you need to seek out assisted living.

For more information, contact your local assisted living communities.

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