Dealing With A Concussion? Hire An In-Home Caregiver

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While many elderly patients make effective use of in-home caregivers, you don't need to be in your golden years to enjoy the many advantages of healthcare in your home. If you've recently suffered a concussion, your doctor may advocate spending several days recovering at home. If you live with family, they can likely take care of you. However, if you're on your own, you may find self-care to be a struggle when prolonged exposure to light and even getting up and walking make you feel dizzy and sick. An in-home caregiver can be the perfect solution, and many home health agencies have caregivers who are trained in dealing with concussion patients. Here are some ways that your health aide can assist you.

Mobility Help

During the days that immediately follow your concussion diagnosis, you'll often be at your worst. You may desire to spend much of your time in bed in a dark room, but you'll still need to get up to use the bathroom. If you're shaky enough that you're concerned about your ability to do so safely, an in-home caregiver can be an asset to you. This health professional can visit your home and be ready to assist you when you need to get up. He or she can provide physical support as you make your way to the bathroom or elsewhere in your home.

Symptoms Assessment

For many concussion patients, it's simply necessary to let the symptoms of this injury run their course. For others, however, the symptoms can worsen and require a follow-up visit to the doctor or even to an urgent care center. If this is your first concussion, you may not quickly notice if your symptoms are worsening, perhaps dismissing the situation as normal. You never want to let a brain trauma worsen without seeking medical care, and having an in-home caregiver with you means that you'll have someone who can monitor your symptoms and advise you how to proceed.

Help With Household Management

Living on your own and recovering from a concussion can mean that you're unable to run your household for a period of time. Tasks such as cooking, running critical errands, and other things that you might do daily without little effort can now be a major challenge. Your in-home caregiver can help you in this matter by preparing healthy meals, buying groceries, taking bills to the post office, and doing other tasks of this nature with which you need assistance.

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