Reasons To Join The Residents' Council At Your Assisted Living Home

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If you'll soon be moving into an assisted living home and you're speaking to friends who have made similar moves in the past, they'll commonly suggest that you get involved. Getting involved means not only trying to make new friends, but also taking part in group outings and the many daily activities that the facility offers. Taking this approach can quickly make you feel like a valued member of the community, but there's another way that you can get involved. Many assisted living homes have residents' councils, which are groups of residents who are eager to shape resident life at the senior care facility. Here are some reasons to join this council.

It Keeps You Sharp

Some people worry about mental acuteness when they age. Even if you feel sharp when you move into assisted living, it may be a chief goal of yours to stay as sharp as possible in the years ahead. One way of achieving this goal is to challenge yourself mentally, and joining the residents' council is the perfect way to do so. At the regular meetings, you'll give updates that you need to prepare, be asked to vote on certain topics, and listen to questions or concerns from other residents.

You'll Feel A Sense Of Purpose

Moving into assisted living can be an adjustment for many people because they no longer find themselves having to complete the daily tasks they've been accustomed to looking after. Such individuals may struggle with a sense of purpose, even if they appreciate having the facility's staff members take care of things such as cleaning, cooking, and laundry. If you're in such a situation and join the residents' council, you may quickly notice that you have more purpose in your life. You may eagerly await each meeting and be excited to make a difference.

You Have A Say

While it's technically true that every member of the assisted living community has a say about different topics, you may find that your voice is stronger when you're on the residents' council. Perhaps you're eager for the assisted living home to offer a certain type of activity that is currently not on the weekend activities calendar but that you feel many of the residents will enjoy. Whereas the average resident may simply hope that such an activity will come along, you can make your voice heard and start a campaign to get this activity introduced.

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