4 Programs People Are Surprised To Find At Their Local Assisted Living Facility

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Assisted living is great for seniors who need extra care to prevent their older age from putting them into any kind of danger and ensuring that their health is at the best place it can be at this point in their life. Many people who have an elderly loved one in their life consider assisted living because they want their loved one to be taken care of, but not many realize that these facilities do more than just ensure that their health is taken care of as far as medication distribution, healthy eating, and help with daily hygiene. Here are four other programs to improve health in an assisted living facility that many people are surprised to see:

  1. Fitness Programs: Many assisted living facilities offer fitness programs for their residents to participate in. This is important for the improvement of heart health, balance to prevent falls, and brain function to prevent Alzheimer's and dementia. Most facilities will offer a wide range of fitness programs so your loved one can choose one that is more suited to them. For example, this could be aerobics and even swim aerobics or yoga or even simple meditation that isn't so much physical fitness, but mind "fitness" to improve brain health.
  2. Performance Arts: Another surprising program that is offered at many assisted living facilities is performance arts. Whether it be simple karaoke nights or full-on theater, if your loved one used to have a love for performing, this can help brighten up their day everyday should they decide to participate. Plus, it's great for socialization, which is important for preventing depression, which is all too common in older age. 
  3. Liberal Arts: If your loved one isn't so much into socialization and performance, they might enjoy a liberal arts program focused on painting, learning to play a musical instrument or even cooking skills. 
  4. Continued Education: There may be some skills your loved one has always wanted to learn, but never used to have the time. This is why continued education programs are offered at many assisted living facilities. This could include learning to speak a new language or even learning some computer skills that could help them with communicating with friends and family outside of the assisted living facility. Either way, any continued education program they decide to participate in, it is great for improved mental health. 

Many people are surprised by the number of programs available. Since there are so many, it's definitely important to consider a senior assisted care facility that has a great program for whatever your loved one has the most interest in. 

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